Transactions (zipForm Edition)
Google Contacts
  • Your Transactions (zipForm Edition) Contacts are synced to Google Contacts so they’re always just a tap away
  • Quickly fire off emails and texts without having to search for your professional contacts across apps increasing your responsiveness and availability to clients
  • Updated Contact Book means that Caller ID shows a name instead of just a number when clients call or text
  • See it in action

What does this sync exactly?

This integration creates an ongoing sync of Transactions (zipForm Edition) Contacts to your Google Contacts account.

How often do syncs occur?

The sync adds the contact info or event info from Transactions (zipForm Edition) to your Google Contacts within 15 minutes of every addition or update, keeping them in lockstep.

How do I find my Transactions (zipForm Edition) Sign in?

The easiest way is to simply go to the login screen and click “Forgot Password” so you can reset that sign-in.

Does this sync all contacts?

It does! You can also filter so it only syncs contacts from a transactions that reach a particular status or from a specific team