• Starting at $250/month
  • Sync Guesty Reservations as Invoices
  • Automatically keep Customers up-to-date with Guest information from Guesty
  • Configure settings for each property to customize the sync based on your needs
  • See it in action

What does this Sync from Guesty to VRAccountant?

This integrations will create precise invoices in Sage Intactt using the guest and listing information from any reservation marked as “confirmed” in Guesty.

How much is this integration?

Absolutely free for Sage Intactt users.

How do I set this up?

Follow this helpful walkthrough to get set up in no time.

What happens if a guest cancels their reservation?

No problem, the integration is on top of it. The integration will reverse the invoice connected to the reservations and also mark the invoice as cancelled in Sage Intactt.

I am interested in signing up. How do I get started?

Contact the team at Ximplifi to learn more and get started today.