Propertybase Salesforce Edition
Outlook Mail
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  • Enrich your Propertybase Contacts with your Outlook Email history
  • All your relevant conversations are ready at a glance
  • No more wasted time toggling between apps and piecing together contact history
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Frequently Asked Questions

How often do syncs occur?

The sync checks your Outlook mail every 15 minutes by default and syncs to the corresponding contacts in Propertybase Salesforce Edition.

Does this sync all emails?

It syncs all the emails for contacts that are in your Propertybase Salesforce Edition account. Any emails sent to your outlook account that does not have a matching contact on Propertybase will be ignored

I don’t see my emails yet!

This is normal! The first time the sync runs, it can take several hours to sync everything for one year. Let the sync run over night and you will be good to go.

Will this sync delete any emails?

No, the sync will never delete an email from Propertybase Salesforce Edition or Outlook Mail