Google Sheets
  • Free
  • Quickly and accurately sync contact to Moxi Engage
  • Bring your full contact info, including all additional notes and custom fields
  • Automatic import ensures 100% integrity of the data

How long does this import take?

This will take about 2 minutes to set up and 1 minute to complete. Then you’re off and running in MoxiWorks!

I have years and years of contacts in different places, will this still work?

Absolutely. Export those contacts to Google Sheets, and then run this sync for each of those Google Sheets to finally bring all those contacts together in one place.

What about my custom notes and fields? I like to know when my clients birthday, anniversary, pet’s names etc.

Bring it all! Those items that don’t fit an exact field will still be added to MoxiWorks as notes about your contact.