• Qualify leads in Mojo and have them synced with their notes into LionDesk
  • Use Mojo’s 3 line dialer to grow your LionDesk lead pipeline 3 times faster
  • Save hours and costly errors by cutting your data entry in half
  • See it in action

How do I set this up?

We can show you how in less than a minute just click here

What does this sync?

This will sync the contacts and call notes from Mojo into LionDesk. You can specify that the sync monitor a specific group, multiple groups or just all contacts that get updated in Mojo.

How often does it sync?

Every 15 minutes Mojo sends a batch of updates to LionDesk

How does this help me grow my business 3 times faster?

Using Mojo’s 3 line dialer, you can qualify leads and get them into LionDesk 3 times faster.

What happens if I would like to delete a contact?

In order to remove a contact entirely, you must delete it from both apps.