• Free
  • Enjoy a seamless workflow between LionDesk and Mojo
  • Contacts are continuously synced between the two apps
  • Power-dial and mark the good leads in Mojo and they will be automatically added into LionDesk
  • With synced call notes, know who to call, when, and always have a complete contact history

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set this up?

We can show you how in less than a minute right here: blog

How often does it sync?

When contacts are created or updated they will integrate between the two applications within about 15 minutes!

Does this sync all contacts?

As contacts are updated in LionDesk or Mojo, they are synced. And If you prefer to be more strategic about which contacts are synced, you can specify a group in Mojo, ensuring only leads you qualify and ultimately add to that list will be synced to LionDesk.

What happens if I would like to delete a contact?

In order to remove a contact entirely, you must delete it from both apps.