Google Sheets
  • Sync your Contacts in LionDesk to a Google Sheet
  • Target all your contacts or contacts with a specific Tag
  • Easily create reports and graphs in Google Sheets using your LionDesk Contact data
  • Save time and errors importing and mass updating customers by simply editing them right on your synced Google Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set this up?

We can show you how in less than a minute right here: blog

What Google Sheet will this update?

You can specify an existing Google Sheet or the sync will create a new one called LionDesk Contacts

Can I sync contacts the other way (from Google Sheets into LionDesk)?

Yes! This sync works in both directions.

Will I be able to sync more data than just contacts?

Currently, this sync only works with contact information.

Will it update records?

Yes. As information is edited and updated the sync will update a contact in the other application accordingly.

How often do syncs occur?

Syncs occur at least every 5 minutes, often instantly!