Google Contacts
  • $10/month
  • Get Organized
  • Two way contact sync with your smartphone
  • Caller ID is up to date and accurate when clients call
  • Complete backup of all contacts
Case Studies and Examples

Know the name of who is calling or texting: A veteran agent is great about adding his leads and new contacts into kvCORE. He frequently will get a call or text from these new leads and his iPhone just shows him a phone number for the contact info. After setting up the sync, his phone can now show him the name of the caller or text messenger so he can answer professionally and make them feel valued.

Automatically secure your contacts: After years of generating leads and deals an agent/broker had hundreds of contacts in kvCORE. Everyone she had done and hoped to keep doing business with. By syncing her database of contacts to Google Contacts on her phone, she was able to have all those clients and colleagues at the tip of her fingers no matter where she was.

Contact info change? No problem!: While out in the field with his client an agent was informed by the client that they would prefer to receive emails at a new address. The agent simply changed the email address in his phone and voila, that email address was also updated in kvCORE so the marketing and nurturing could continue unabated.