• Eliminate hours of extra data entry
  • Sync your Guesty Guests as Leads or Contacts to Salesforce
  • Keep Guesty Listings up-to-date with Salesforce Accounts
  • Automatically keep your Salesforce data in sync with Guesty
To obtain your Guesty API Key, you can use this link to login to your Guesty account to find it.

Feel free to use this image if you're having issues locating it!

How does this sync work?

This integration will sync all of your Guests in Guesty as either Leads or Contacts in Salesforce. You get to choose. It will also sync your Guesty Listings as Accounts in Salesforce.

Is this a one-way or two-way sync?

This is a one-way sync, from Guesty to Salesforce.

Why do I have to choose between Leads and Contacts?

Leads and Contacts serve different roles in Salesforce. If you want to consider your Guesty Guests as customers that have already purchased from you, you should choose Salesforce Contacts. If you want to consider them opportunities that may be closed for future business, you should choose Salesforce Leads.

What if I want to sync data in addition to Guests and Listings to Salesforce?

Let’s talk and get that built for you. Learn more about our Guesty custom integration options here