• Automatically pass leads from Facebook Lead Ads into kvCORE
  • Seamless syncing saves time importing leads
  • Finally seal up the cracks those leads are falling through

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do syncs occur?

The sync adds a Facebook lead into kvCORE as soon as it is received from Facebook.

Does this sync all leads?

If you’d like! If you prefer to be more systematic about which leads are synced, you can select a facebook page and a lead form.

Can I set this sync up for multiple Facebook forms?

Yes, this service includes as many syncs as you’d like, you will just need to set up each form individually.

Does this sync information from my “Facebook Friends”?

No, the sync is exclusively information from your Lead Ad forms.

How do I set up Facebook Lead Ads?

If you need help setting up Facebook Lead Ads for your business page you can find a complete tutorial here.