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Case Studies and ExamplesFAQ

Know your Numbers: A new real estate agent was looking for an easy way to keep track of her transactions for the year and also save her contacts. She had set goals and needed up-to-date data to see how many deals she’d written and what commission she could expect. By setting up the ongoing sync from dotloop to Google Sheets she was able to get a live and detailed list of all her transactions. Now she always knows exactly how close she is to hitting her goals.

A Smoother Running Office: A Transaction Coordinator is always looking for a way to better manage the office’s contacts. There are so many different clients in various roles that they do business with, it would be great to have the details, but also have a central and easy-to-access list. By setting up the dotloop to Google Sheets sync, the process was quickly automated. All the contacts in dotloop, and anyone who participated in a loop was neatly organized onto detailed spreadsheets. The best part? The automation managed itself! She never had to upload, download, copy or paste the contacts again.

Power up Beautiful Live Scoreboards: A broker wanted to inject his team with a little extra motivation by using gamification. Dotloop has so much great data already in there, if only there was a way to set up a beautiful dashboard with all his agents’ and loops stats. By connecting dotloop to Google Sheets he was able to create a real-time dashboard using the Spreadsheets created from the sync and a popular dashboard app.

How do I set this up?

We can show you how in less than a minute right here.

Which Google Sheets will this update?

The sync will create a new sheets in your Google Drive called dotloop Loops, dotloop People, and dotloop Loops Participants.

Will I be able to sync more data than just contacts?

Absolutely! This also syncs all the individual Loop data so you can get a great look at the health of your business.

How often do syncs occur?

Syncs occur at least every 5 minutes, often instantly!