Constant Contact
  • Give your personal brand a turbo-boost with automated communications and newsletters
  • Easy to set up email automation pairing beautiful templates with your dotloop contacts imported daily
  • Build your own platform through email and bypass all the social media algorithm change games
  • See it in action

What does this sync exactly?

This integration will sync Loop Participant and dotloop People to your Constant Contact. You can specify a List in Constant Contact to send them to.

How often do syncs occur?

The sync adds the contact info from dotloop to your Constant Contact whenever you add or update the info, keeping them in lockstep.

Does this sync both ways?

Not yet. an overwhelming majority of professionals found this one way direction of the sync most useful, so we have worked to develop and release it for you as soon as possible.

Does it sync my custom fields in Constant Contact

Yes, you have total control and can easily map those custom fields when starting the sync.

Can I have it syncing more than one Constant Contact List?

Absolutely, you can set up multiple workflows that create and update Mailing Lists with dotloop people and/or participants with in different ways.