Google Sheets
  • $25/month
    Free 7 Day Trial
  • A real-time spreadsheet of your transactions
  • Learn more about your business
  • Easily create charts and reports
  • Quickly find answers and trends
  • Vital info and contacts backed up
Case Studies and ExamplesFAQ

Know Your Numbers: A new real estate agent was looking for an easy way to keep track of her transactions for the year and also save her contacts. She had set goals and needed up-to-date data to see how many deals she’d written and what commission she could expect. By setting up the ongoing sync from DocuSign Rooms to Google Sheets she was able to get a live and detailed list of all her transactions. Now she always knows exactly how close she is to hitting her goals.

Reports That Update Magically: A Transaction Coordinator is always looking for a way to save time and better manage the office’s transactions. One task that takes a lot of her time is answering the agents frequent question: “how close am I to my commission cap?” By setting up a sync of DocuSign Rooms data to a spreadsheet, she was able to create a live updating report and share it with the agents. Now she can focus and has begun to save minutes every day, hours every week and days every month.

Power Up Beautiful Live Scoreboards: A broker wanted to inject his team with a little extra motivation using gamification. DocuSign Rooms has so much great info and work already in there, if only there was a way to set up a beautiful dashboard with all of his agents’ and their transaction stats. By connecting DocuSign Rooms to Google Sheets he was able to quickly create a real-time dashboard using the Spreadsheets created from the sync and a popular dashboard app.

How frequently does this Backup?

The backup will start at activation. Depending on the amount of info stored in Rooms, it could take a few hours or many days. Once the backup is complete, it will continue to update reflecting all new work and edits as often as every 5 minutes.

What does this Backup exactly?

The integration will create a backup consisting of:

  • A main folder called “DocuSign Rooms via API Nation”
  • A folder for each “Room” containing their related documents and a Google Sheet with complete “Room” info.
  • A Google Sheet with all of the Rooms info (very useful for reports)
  • A Google Sheet with all info from Rooms with the status: Active
  • A Google Sheet with all info from Rooms with the status: Closed
  • A Google Sheet with all info from Rooms with the status: Review

I don’t see all of my files, where are they?

The files are synced to a folder on your connected Google Sheets account, by default the name of the folder is “DocuSign Rooms via API Nation”.

Many users have hundreds or thousands of files. In order to smoothly backup the data we break it up into chunks and run regularly until we get everything. It can take days (or sometimes even weeks) to get all of your data from DocuSign Room.

You should see regular updates to your Google Sheets files. If you have any questions, you can always refer to our knowledge base or create a ticket for our support team here

is a Two Way Syn

Not initially, though you can absolutely set this sync up in both directions, so that you can quickly and easily make changes to your Rooms details simply by editing the spreadsheet.