Google Sheets
  • Easily create your dream reports and charts in Google Sheets using your BoomTown Leads data
  • Sync is ongoing so your reports are always up to date and accurate
  • Create attractive and actionable dashboards with these google sheets and Google Data Studio
  • Keep organized data sets by creating spreadsheets that extract specific combinations of buyers, sellers, and lead source

How often do syncs occur? I want to make sure my information is up to date.

Your choice! It can sync as often as every 5 minutes or as infrequently as every year.

Does this sync all Leads?

Yes, or if you’d like, you can choose to monitor for specific category changes, and also filter for particular fields.

What happens if I would like to delete a Lead?

If you delete the lead in BoomTown it will automatically be deleted in your synced Google Sheet.

Can I have it syncing to more than one Google Sheet?

Absolutely, you can set up multiple workflows that create and update sheets with leads that meet your criteria.