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How to Connect QuickBooks Desktop to API Nation

Prerequisites for QuickBooks Web Connector.

Check that you have a QuickBooks Web Connector installed on your system.

Open QuickBooks on your computer. You don’t need to open any QuickBooks Company Files yet, just opening QuickBooks application is sufficient. In QuickBooks, click on File -> Update Web Services. A QuickBooks Web Connector will open.

If you encounter any errors, resolve them before proceeding further. You can download and install QuickBooks Web Connector from the Intuit website. Be sure to select version, which correctly matches your version of QuickBooks Desktop.

Here's a video detailing how to connect to QuickBooks Desktop!

Installing QuickBooks Web Connector plug in.

Open QuickBooks Desktop with the company that you would like to connect to API Nation.
Open QuickBooks Web Connector (Click on File - > Update Web Services)
Download Apination.qwc and save it to the folder where your QuickBooks Company file is located.
In the QuickBooks Web Connector, click the “Add an application” button and select the downloaded “Apination.qwc” file.
In a few moments the “Authorize New Web Service” screen will be displayed. Click “OK”.
Next QuickBooks displays authorize access screen which allows access to the QuickBooks company file you have open. Select the option for allowing access even if QuickBooks isn’t running, and continue. In the multi-User QuickBooks, select a “User” which QuickBooks Web Connector should use for access.
Enter this authorization key into the “Password” field of QuickBooks Online Web Connector: d7f5d73b8d79cdd0f29931aa3e63a718c0c0a15c
You can also find this key in your API Nation Settings.
In QuickBooks Web Connector check the box to the left of API Nation QuickBooks Desktop Integrator application and click the "Update Selected" button.
This will send the initial call to API Nation and establish the connection.
For the latter you can check the “Auto-Run” box and enter an interval (in minutes) in the “Every_Min” field, so that integration will run automatically.
When update is finished, click "Test connection" below to finalize integration.

Note: This test doesn't affect real data